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Smart Gift Ideas for Graduates

Popular Gifts for the Class of 2022

Graduation is one of the most important milestones in a person's life. It's a sign of accomplishment and a great cause for celebration. If you have a new graduate in your life, you may want to celebrate their accomplishment with a special gift. But what kind of gift can commemorate the excitement of this momentous occasion?

Here are some popular suggestions this year:

  • Laptop computer. Prices vary by make and model, but a laptop is a great gift for graduates of all ages, especially those going off to college.
  • Tablet. Tablets have so many uses — reading, playing games, accessing the Web, etc.
  • Smartphone accessories. If the graduate already has a smartphone, consider getting them accessories, such as headphones, speakers, chargers, etc.
  • Watch. Today you have more watch options than ever before. You can purchase a beautiful piece of jewelry or an electronic gadget, such as an Apple Watch, which can help the graduate simplify their life.
  • Camera. A camera is a great gift for graduates, especially those who are interested in art or photography.
  • Netflix account. Entertain the graduate with a subscription to Netflix, which offers a huge selection of movies and TV shows.
  • Luggage or baggage. A nice set of luggage is a grown-up gift that will encourage travel. If you have a smaller budget, consider purchasing a nice travel or duffel bag.
  • Briefcase. Is the graduate moving on to the professional world? A briefcase is a great gift to send them on their way to work.
  • Gift cards. If the graduate will be moving to a new apartment or starting college, you may want to purchase department store gift cards that allow them to purchase what they need.
  • Kitchen appliances. From coffee makers to vacuum cleaners, irons, and blenders, there's a practical appliance to make any grad's life easier.
  • Toolkit. If the graduate will be living in a new apartment or dorm, they may appreciate having tools to help them with little projects, such as hanging pictures or assembling furniture.
  • Cash. It may not seem as personal, but you can never go wrong by giving a graduate money that allows them to build savings or purchase exactly what they need.
As you can see, you really do have many gift options. And that right there is cause for celebration.

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