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Debit Mastercard

Timberland Debit Cards

Timberland Debit Cards are accepted for quick, convenient payments and can also be used at ATMs for convenient access to cash. Timberland Debit Cards are available with most Timberland Bank Checking Accounts.
To add a Timberland Debit Card to your checking account, please contact our Debit Card Department during business hours at (360) 538-7880. 
Purchase amounts and ATM withdrawals are deducted from your checking account. You can find all transactions on your monthly checking account statement. The standard daily limit for ATM withdrawals with a Timberland Debit Card is $500 per day. The standard daily limit for point of sale and signature based transactions is $2,000.

Debit Card Maintenance

  • Lost or stolen debit cards: If your debit card is lost or stolen, please call our Debit Card Department during business hours at (360) 538-7880. For service after business hours, please call 888-297-3416. Call your branch the next business day so we can issue you a new card. Call your branch the next business day so we can issue you a new card.
  • Update your PIN: A Timberland Debit Card is protected with a secure Personal Identification Number (PIN) which is sent to you separately from your card. You can change your PIN by calling 800-290-7893 and providing the card number, security code, your zip code and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. You can also insert your Timberland Debit Card into a Timberland Bank ATM to update your PIN.
  • Connect to your Mobile Wallet: Connect your Timberland Debit Card to your Mobile Wallet to make secure purchases in-store, online or within mobile apps with your smartphone or watch. When you use a Mobile Wallet to make purchases, your card number is replaced with a unique code for each transaction. Your card numbers are never shared, adding an extra layer of security to your shopping experience.
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Reward Yourself

Use your debit card for everyday purchases and earn points for rewards in travel, entertainment and more! How awesome is that? 

Health Savings Accounts

Be ahead of the curve! With our health savings accounts, you can be prepared for whatever life may throw your way.