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Timberland Bank

Meet Our Lenders

Timberland Bank Loan Officers

At Timberland Bank, we understand that each home purchase experience is unique and personal. Our team will be there to help you navigate your options and will assist you at every step of the way. Please contact the lender in the area most convenient for you and let's talk about what you want to accomplish.

Local Loan Servicing

Another benefit to financing your loan at Timberland is that we provide local loan servicing. This means we don't sell your records, we keep them in house for better service. By retaining the right to service your loan, you are assured that when you have a question, or there is a change of any kind, we are right here locally to assist you at any of our 24 convenient locations

head shot of Dan Olsen, Mortgage Lender at Timberland Bank
Dan Olsen
SVP, Loan Officer
NMLS #539577
(360) 591-4092
Gig Harbor
head shot of Jannae Mitton, mortgage lender at Timberland Bank
Jannae Mitton
SVP, Loan Officer
NMLS #1019639
(253) 358-0010
Gig Harbor

headshot of Mac Pinch, Timberland Bank Mortgage Lender
Mac Pinch
AVP, Loan Officer
NMLS #1970814
(253) 341-0058
Gig Harbor

head shot of Richard Pifer, regional manager and loan officer at Timberland Bank
Richard Pifer
SVP, Regional Manager
NMLS #539581
(360) 591-1059
Gig Harbor
head shot of Jodi Danielson, mortgage lender at Timberland Bank
Jodi Danielson
VP, Loan Officer
NMLS #1654414
(253) 651-0247

head shot of Linda Wark, mortgage lender at Timberland Bank
Linda Wark
VP, Loan Officer
NMLS #409970
(253) 651-0761

head shot of Liz Ringer, mortgage lender at Timberland Bank
Liz Ringer
VP, Loan Officer
NMLS #539582
(253) 328-0747

head shot of Bill Andrews, mortgage lender at Timberland Bank

Bill Andrews
VP, Loan Officer
NMLS #539564
(253) 753-7944
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Bethel Station

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Bryan Ruff
SVP, Regional Manager

NMLS #1019633

(253) 358-5955
Email Bryan

South Hill

head shot of Justin Freeland, mortgage lender at Timberland Bank
Justin Freeland
VP, Loan Officer
NMLS #895111
(360) 591-2706

head shot of Keith Baggerly, mortgage lender at Timberland Bank
Keith Baggerly
SVP, Loan Officer
NMLS #539565
(360) 271-1207

head shot of Carol Windell, Timberland Mortgage Lender
Carol Coady
VP, Loan Officer
NMLS #1319560
(360) 926-6118
head shot of Wendy Michelbrink, mortgage lender at Timberland Bank
Wendy Michelbrink
VP, Loan Officer
NMLS #539576
(360) 581-8980

head shot of Greg Cox, mortgage lender at Timberland Bank
Greg Cox
VP, Loan Officer
NMLS #525293
(360) 261-9000

head shot of Erik Heimann, mortgage lender at Timberland Bank
Erik Heimann
VP, Loan Officer
NMLS #539571
(360) 791-3834
Lacey/Hawks Prairie
head shot of Matt Hargrave, mortgage lender at Timberland Bank
Matt Hargrave
VP, Loan Officer
NMLS #1218316
(360) 591-5772
Downtown Olympia

head shot of Leanne Kleinschmidt, online loan officer at Timberland Bank
Leanne Kleinschmidt
VP, Online Loan Officer
NMLS #1380891
(253) 392-5295

Logan Davis
Loan Officer
NMLS #2038840
(253) 841-4980
Ext. 1996

How Can We Help You?

We know that when it comes to mortgage loans, one size does not fit all. Our local lenders will work with you to determine the best option to meet your needs. You will find a number of flexible financing options at Timberland Bank, including Construction loans, FHA, USDA, VA lending, manufactured home loans, refinancing, and more. 
Wendy and Carol volunteer as bell ringers for the Salvation Army
Man and his dog working on a house project
family unpacks a moving truck outside of their new home

Customer Testimonials

"I spoke to Wendy Michelbrink for the first time around 4:45 on a Friday and she was there throughout the whole process and so helpful."

Construction Loans

Ready to build? So are we! Let a Timberland Bank lender help you with all your construction financing needs. 

Home Loans

Mortgage lending, home equity loans and lines of credit, financing for manufactured homes and more! Explore our financing options to find a solution that meets your needs and lifestyle.