Remote Deposit

Bring the Bank to Your Office

Remote deposit is an innovative business tool that brings the bank to your location to streamline the check deposit process, improve cash flow and eliminate the cost and liability of regular trips to the bank. Remote Deposit users scan checks at their business locations and then transmit data and check images electronically to Timberland Bank for deposit. 

Remote Deposit is a valuable product that provides the ability to scan and submit check deposits from your business office.  In addition, remote deposit allows you to:

  • Prepare and submit deposits from your business when it's convenient for you
  • Review balance deposit for accuracy
  • Store images for easy retrieval
  • Allow for a later deposit time. Make deposits until 6:00 PM Monday – Friday
  • Minimize fraud by depositing checks fast
  • Begin the collection process sooner
  • Speed up the availability of funds and increase working cash

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