Mobile Check Deposit

As much as we enjoy seeing you in our Timberland Bank branches, we know that a trip to the bank is not always convenient. With Timberland Mobile Check Deposit, your smart phone or web-enabled mobile device allows enrolled Online Banking customers to deposit checks into personal accounts anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection through our mobile app.

Tap. Snap. Done!

To begin benefiting from the ease and convenience of Mobile Check Deposit, follow the 4 simple steps outlined below.

Step 1

Enroll in Online Banking.

Mobile Check Deposit is available to Timberland Bank customers enrolled in Online and Mobile Banking.

First, enroll in Online Banking to claim your Online Banking login and password. Once you've received your authorization for Online Banking, you can download the Mobile Banking app and enable Mobile Check Deposit.

Step 2

Download the Timberland Mobile Banking app for your device.

Visit the Apple and Google Play app stores to download your free Timberland Mobile Banking App. Please note that standard data rates may apply when downloading and using the free Timberland Mobile Banking App.

Once you've downloaded and logged in to the Timberland Mobile Banking app, you can apply for Mobile Deposit (under the "Service" tab) via the app. Then, review and accept the terms and conditions.

We will review your enrollment and send you an e-mail notification verifying your Mobile Check Deposit enrollment within 5 business days.

Once your enrollment has been approved, Mobile Check Deposit will become an integrated feature of your Mobile Banking account. This means you will use the same login information that you use to access Mobile Banking.

Step 3

Set the app preferences to your convenience.

After you receive your Mobile Check Deposit authorization email, you are ready to establish your contact preferences.

First, go to the 'preferences' tab. Then, complete the information requested for each tab for Mobile Enrollment, Mobile Authorizations and Text Banking. Once you hit submit, you have enabled users to send your payment authorizations to your specified contact information.

Step 4

Make a Mobile Check Deposit!

Once you have received the set-up confirmation message in online banking, here are the easy steps to begin depositing checks through your mobile app:

  • Sign in to the Timberland Mobile Banking App
  • Choose Transactions and then Deposit Check
  • Select the account number, enter the check number, set the check amount and click on Capture Image
  • Align your check in the brackets and click on Capture Front
  • Flip the check over and align the back of the check in the brackets and click on Capture Back

Tap. Snap. Done. It's that easy! You can verify the deposit was successful by going back to Transactions, then Activity Center, and selecting the Mobile Deposit tab.

Security and Guidelines

  • Daily Deposit Limit is $3,500.00. Mobile Check Deposits are subject to review and Timberland Bank reserves the right to modify the limit.
  • Checks deposited after 3:00PM will be deposited the following business day.
  • You will receive email notifications from when your deposit has been successfully submitted and when it has been received by Timberland Bank.

Mobile Check Deposit is integrated with Online Banking so your check deposits are completely secure. Check images are not stored on your device. Your Mobile Authorization code should never be shared with anyone. When you receive a Mobile Authorization call, you will be prompted to enter your Mobile Authorization to approve the transaction.

Please note: Daily Mobile Check Deposit limit is $3,500 per day. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Online Banking Department during business hours at 1-866-747-4199.