Customer Testimonials

Thank You note for Bonita, from a young customer in Bethel StationIt is our pleasure to share some of the reports our customers have provided following their banking experience at Timberland Bank.

"It feels like family there..."

- Grays Harbor County

Timberland Bank employees and volunteers pose for a photo in front of the LeMay Mobile Shred Truck at an event this spring.Timberland Bank employees, friends and family pose for a photo at Relay For Life.Hoquiam

“I loved doing business with this bank.” - a customer at our Hoquiam branch

“Brenda was very helpful in answering questions and in walking me through setting up the account."

Ocean Shores

"Wonderful staff at this branch!" - a customer at our Ocean Shores branch

"Love your bank! Love your staff!"

"Addie is wonderful and made us feel at home with personal service and professionalism. First rate employee!"

Downtown Aberdeen

“Your employees Dannette and Jon made my choice easy. Jon was knowledgeable, friendly and patient. Jon answered all my questions. Dannette was the first person at the branch I spoke with. Dannette should have credit for making my decision to bank with Timberland.” - a customer at our Downtown Aberdeen branch

South Aberdeen

"It feels like family at there." - a customer at our South Aberdeen branch


"Jessica was very professional and helpful. Excellent attitude." - a customer at our Montesano branch


"My father banked with Timberland for over 20 years. A family atmosphere is why I chose to do the same. Debra was very nice and explained EVERYTHING very well." - a customer at our Elma branch

"Excellent service and helpful advice..."

- Thurston County


"Kim was very friendly and there to help me out with every question I have." - a customer at our Olympia branch

“Timberland and specifically this branch has been incredibly helpful for me. I've gone through a lot with them including a wedding and even moving to a different country. They give excellent service and helpful advice when asked.”

Timberland Bank team supports Monarch Child Justice & Advocacy CenterTumwater

"Cookies and coffee on Fridays! Amanda was very professional, polite and efficient." - a customer at our Tumwater branch

"I always am grateful for all you do for me. Again, it is so nice as well as a comfort to know that I need only call and you will help me through any issues I have."

"Over the last few days, my wife and I were faced with the opportunity to help our oldest daughter, son-in-law and new grandson purchase a new home.  A large sum of money was required to seal the deal, and we wanted to gift that money to the kids to help their dreams come true.  I work near the Tumwater Branch and contacted Deanna, there, for assistance.  Given the rapid pace of events and our needs, it would have been easy for Deanna and the branch manager to say no to the help we needed. Instead, Deanna went out of the way to help us, keep me informed of key information and help that they could provide.  Deanna was great, and way above what I expect of anyone who provides banking services.  Deanna is one of those people who can make you see a path to a destination, when there appears to be so many obstacles. Our thanks to Deanna, and Jan, the branch manager, for the help they gave us.  It now is possible for our kids and new grandson, to purchase their forever home."

Timberland Bank employees pose for a photo at the Yelm Rotary Rummage Sale.Yelm

"Love my bank and the best teller is Allison, who always has a smile!" - a customer at our Yelm branch

“I dealt with Tess. Tess was friendly and knowledgeable. Tess is a wonderful person.”

"If you're looking for a great bank, this is it..."

- Pierce County

Bethel Station

"Bonita was polite, kind and helpful to me at the age I am. I got a good plan. I like it." - a customer at our Bethel Station branch

"In 1999 I opened my account with Timberland Bank because of their convenient locations and remained there because of their service. In January of 2016 I started my own business. Because of the employees of Timberland Bank I had no question of where I would do my business banking. It is the employees that make a business.

Earlier this month while at the bank, I locked my keys in my vehicle. Bonita used break time to take me home to get my spare key and returned me to my vehicle. Now that is above and beyond great customer service. Thank you!"

“Awesome, friendly service, been banking here for 13 years. I love them!”

Thank You note for Bonita, from a young customer in Bethel Station"We chose Timberland because we like Bill Andrews. Bill is a good person. Bonita is very nice, friendly and knowledgeable."

“Switched to Timberland and have never looked back.  I get great rates on my checking account, ATM fees paid every month back to me, and their customer service is second to none...If you're looking for a great bank, this is it.”

South Hill

“Staff is always helpful and professional. As a longtime customer I can recommend Timberland Bank without hesitation.” - a customer at our South Hill branch

“Had fraud on my account they helped right away. I would not bank anywhere else.”  


"Everyone was so friendly, like they knew you for years." - a customer at our Tacoma branch

"I will recommend Timberland to everyone..."

- Lewis County


"I have been continuously impressed by the staff and will recommend Timberland to everyone." - a customer at our Toledo branch

"Being a 'small' local bank with friendly staff was probably my #1 reason for choosing Timberland Bank. Katie was very courteous, knowledgeable and helpful. I was very impressed by Katie. Katie deserves recognition."


"Lisa was willing to help us with all of our needs. Very professional and friendly. We left feeling that we were cared about." - a customer at our Winlock branch

"I am so glad I chose Timberland Bank for our local banking needs. The staff is very helpful and pleasant to deal with. Thank you!"

“I am 70 years old and a lifetime resident of Lewis County. When I was six years old, my grandmother gave me $5 to open a savings account in a local bank (at the time). As I got older, I opened a checking account. Then, along came this nice young lady... which meant I needed a home for this lady and a home loan. Then came a safety deposit box and eventually a small business loan. Two little helpers at the dinner table meant a savings account for college. They also eventually got checking accounts and of course, we now have to get something for the grandkids. This probably sounds great, but over the 60+ years of doing business with this bank, it consolidated with another bank. Then was bought out by another bank, then eventually traded to yet another bank. It got to the point that I no longer knew who I was dealing with and I became a number in a corporate office in some far off land.

I know that computers and ATMs have replaced many things that tellers used to do, but they haven't replaced me yet and I am old fashioned. I like to talk to real people.

So, one day I walked down the street in Winlock to Timberland Bank. And guess what I found? Real People. Real people that cared about their customers, their families, their friends and their community. Thank God! A bank like the good old days where they call you by your name and where you can get a free cup of coffee.

Thanks again for being a friendly, hometown bank and having the quality people like you do working for you."  

"All staff at Timberland Bank in Winlock have been very helpful and knowledgeable and very courteous."


“Drive-thru is usually very fast. Plus, they always give my pups double dog treats. So my dogs give them 5 stars!” - a customer at our Chehalis branch

"The staff are really nice and helpful!"

"Wonderful and knowledgeable!"

- King County


"Yohana is wonderful and knowledgeable! Great staff member!" - a customer at our Auburn branch

"Wonderful service!"

“I’d like to thank everyone here at the Auburn branch of Timberland. All the Tellers, ‘front line’ people, have been very kind to me during a very tough time..."

"Outstanding service..."

- Kitsap County

Timberland Bank employees pose for a photo at the Kitsap Home & Garden Show.Poulsbo

“I would like to recognize one of your employees working at the Poulsbo branch for outstanding service: Casey, a Customer Service Representative. Recently, I had my credit/debit card numbers somehow stolen and the very same day some person in New York was attempting to use my card at a half dozen places while I was attempting to withdraw cash from the ATM. When the machine ate my card, I went in the bank and told Casey about the incident.

Casey immediately looked into my checking account and contacted the fraud department. For the next 20 minutes Casey made phone calls, filled out paperwork, and ordered a new card for me without any hesitation whatsoever. Casey knew exactly what to do and who to contact. Casey's calm demeanor and professional attitude made me feel more at ease since to me, this was a panic situation, but Casey came to the rescue. Thank you, Casey!" - a customer at our Poulsbo branch


"Barbara was helpful, patient and knowledgeable." - a customer at our Silverdale branch

"I am a retired educator and I was extremely impressed with Jenna's eloquent speaking ability and well-written thank you note!"

Of course, we honor the privacy of our valued customers and the Privacy Policy of our company by removing names, but verify that these testimonials are taken from actual letters, surveys and reviews that we have received from our customers.