Homeowner Testimonials

It is our pleasure to share some of the reports our customers have provided following their lending experience at Timberland Bank.  Of course, we honor the privacy of our valued customers and the Privacy Policy of our company by removing names, but verify the text below is taken from actual letters received.

"You guys really stepped up for my client..."

- Grays Harbor County

"Richard and Leanne - Just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for all your hard work on getting this deal done. I know that it wasn’t easy, but you guys really stepped up for my client and I can’t thank you enough for making it work!"


"Wendy - I can't remember if I shook your hand after signing papers and your giving me the calendars, but I just wanted to say thank you so much for making my refinance so easy and a pleasure."


"Wendy - working with you on the process has been so nice. When I refinanced my cabin through Bank of America, I had to go through them because they had a second mortgage on the property. The experience was so different! The first person I talked to I never spoke to again. They they assigned me someone on the east coast, but I could not understand him or reach him when I had questions. I spoke to you the first time around 4:45 on Friday and you have been there throughout the whole process and so helpful. I have told my friends and family what a pleasant experience this has been no matter how it turns out. Thank you so much."

"A bank that understands people are the key to its success..."

- Thurston County

"This letter is to acknowledge the excellent experience provided at your branch by Matt Hargrave. Matt assisted us to secure financing for a residential mortgage, patiently answering our questions along each step of the process.

During the mortgage process we spoke with several potential lenders but Mr. Hargrave stood out as both professional and customer service oriented. Given my transition from military to civilian employment, Matt found financing options that other lenders did not offer. Matt took care to be honest throughout the process as he considered our application through closing.

It was refreshing to deal with such a high level of professionalism. Matt made the process nearly seamless and much easier than we expected. We will be highly recommending Timberland Bank and Matt Hargrave to anyone in search of financing options."


"I recently completed a loan refinance with Timberland Bank. I was greatly pleased with the level of support and service I received from your banks (Lacey & Hoquiam branches.) I would especially like to thank my Loan Officer. This Loan Officer went above and beyond to show that Timberland was not a corporate number cruncher, but a bank that understands people are the key to its success. I personally referred 10+ friends to Timberland based on my experience with your bank. I look forward to working with your bank again in the coming years."


"Even when not positive of an answer, Matt Hargrave was sure to obtain the answer and follow up constantly. Great communication."

"My hopes and dreams couldn't have become a reality without you..."

- Pierce County

"Bill, thank you so much for being our loan officer. You are truly a blessing."


"Leanne, thank you. It has been a pleasure working with you. You have made this the smoothest loan process I have ever done."


"Richard and Jannae, Thank you for all you did to make this loan complete. I know it had many challenges and was not a normal loan process. I appreciate your tenacity to work with me and resolve the challenges, until we completed the loan. I appreciate it and thank you for it. Of all the loans I have done, this was of particular personal importance to me, and I appreciate it greatly. As I plan for taking on more loans in the future I will ask Timberland for considering that opportunity. Thank you."


"Thank you, Vicki, for all that you have done for us! We are all put to bed on the new financing and I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciated your good spirit and professionalism! Thanks so much! Hope to see you around town."


"Corey Weick is very knowledgeable, responsive and helpful. Corey helped us quickly through the loan process after a BAD experience with a larger bank."


"Richard and Bryan, thank you for helping this snot-nosed kid buy a home. I'm sure I was somewhat of a nightmare client, but my hopes and dreams couldn't have become a reality without you shepherding us to closing. The whole process worked out better than I could have hoped and I cannot wait to do it again with you."


"I found Leanne through an inquiry via the internet. When my own bank didn't offer construction loans, Timberland did, and so our journey began. First we obtained a construction loan and Leanne was there to help us through every step. Leanne even personally visited our site! A year later, we were ready to flip our construction loan to a mortgage, and again Leanne guided us through the hoops! We are now in our new home, and with all the personal attention given, I feel like Leanne has been a partner with us though this new journey. Thank you, Leanne! We made it!"


"Vicki, Thank you so much for all you have done for me to build the house, to finance the construction loan and now mortgage. I am deeply indebted to you for walking me through the process and for establishing financial solutions that work best for me."


"Richard and Leanne, Just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for all your hard work on getting this deal done. I know that it wasn’t easy, but you guys really stepped up for my client and I can’t thank you enough for making it work!"


"Jannae Mitton was very knowledgeable. Eager to help and never tires of hearing questions.”

"You guys are amazing."

- Lewis County

"What can I say - but the team of Keith and Candy does it again. You guys are amazing. A friend at work said they were refinancing, so I thought - well, I don't think we can, but I'll look into it... We signed today and they still don't have approval from their lender yet because they are backlogged and they've been at it 3 months already. You guys have this processing business down and everywhere we go, we tell everyone how great the Timberland loan processing team is!

We really appreciate everything you have done to support us/our mortgages over the years and we look forward to being your customers for many years ahead!"


"We really appreciate everything you have done to support us/our mortgages over the years and we look forward to being your customers for many years ahead!

I am a new home owner with a mortgage through Timberland Bank. I wanted to write to you about my experience getting approved and establishing a mortgage through the Chehalis branch of Timberland Bank. In particular, I wanted to bring to your attention the incredible customer service that was shown by the branch's Senior Vice President, Keith Macy. From the start, Mr. Macy was cordial, professional, and fully attentive to my needs.

As a first-time home buyer, I had many questions and concerns; however, Mr. Macy worked with me patiently and with great consideration, allaying many of my worries and making me feel like I was important an in good hands. Mr. Macy explained each step of the process to me and made sure I was comfortable and understood fully before moving forward. Mr. Macy put my needs and questions first and was respectful and fully engaged in each of our encounters.

Mr. Macy's kindness cannot be overstated and over-appreciated. I feel so fortunate to have worked with Mr. Macy and have referred several people to Mr. Macy's services and to Timberland Bank as a mortgage option. I can't tell you how good it feels to be a homeowner, and how glad I am to have worked with Mr. Macy. You have an incredible employee at that branch."

"My project was the most important priority in the world to them..."

- Kitsap County

"Keith - We would just like to say thank you for having faith in us for our loan. We feel Timberland Bank went above and beyond to help us... We look forward to a long relationship."


"I had the pleasure of working with Keith Baggerly on my own personal loans on a few occasions now, always generating the same superior service delivery on every transaction. As a fellow mortgage loan officer, we are an elite group that have the same expectations of all of our colleagues. Keith is a true professional on every level with a great sense of humor. I have suggested Timberland Bank and specifically Keith Baggerly to many of my members that need the same dedicated service that they expect in selecting a home lender. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity."


"Timberland Bank, and Justin Freeland in particular, have been beyond awesome. Working with Timberland has made me feel like my project was the most important priority in the world to them. I just can’t recommend them enough."

"A pleasure to work with a hometown bank..."

- King County

"Richard - With heartfelt thanks for your support in funding a loan for my father. It was a pleasure to work with a hometown bank where you take pride in working with "the person" not just an application with a number!"


"Linda Wark always has a SMILE waiting for me!"


"Thank you, Richard Pichler! You and your team have been wonderful to work with! Anytime anyone asks who we used for funding, we send them your way and will continue to do so."


"We are writing this review to recognize your amazing staff at the Auburn Branch. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the staff at Timberland Bank over the past 9 months who helped us finance our house remodel with a construction loan and then refinance to a regular mortgage loan. Specifically, we would like to thank Richard Pichler and team for taking such amazing care of us throughout this lengthy and complicated process. We can not thank Richard and Evelyn enough for their patience, professionalism, attention to detail and efficient workflow. We have heard horror stories as it relates to construction loans and must say we feel very fortunate to have had such a smooth experience from start to finish. Richard personally delivered final refinance papers to our house and went out of the way more than once to accommodate our busy work schedules. We will always recommend Richard Pichler with Timberland Bank to others."