Remote Deposit

If you already benefit from Remote Deposit, you may access your account here.

Remote Deposit allows you to make deposits electronically by using a bank-issued desktop scanner connected to your computer and the Internet.

Simplify the Deposit Process

Users of Remote Deposit can scan checks at their business locations and then transmit data and check images electronically to Timberland Bank for deposit. Through Remote Deposit, you will:

  • Maximize convenience. With Remote Deposit, you can prepare and submit deposits from your business whenever it is most convenient for you. By using Remote Deposit, you will also have the ability to set a later deposit time and make deposits until 6:00 PM, Monday - Friday.

  • Minimize fraud. By depositing checks quickly through Remote Deposit, the collection process will begin sooner, minimizing the chance of falling victim to fraud.

  • Increase efficiency. Stop worrying about rushing to the bank before closing! By activating Remote Deposit, you will reduce the time spent on making deposits.

  • Cut costs. Eliminate costs and liability of employee time and travel to the bank.

  • Improve cash flow. With checks deposited quickly through Remote Deposit, certain funds may be made available to you sooner.