Safe Deposit Box

It is important to know that your family's documents are safe and secure. Safe Deposit Boxes are available to rent in a variety of sizes at most Timberland branches for an annual fee plus a $10.00 key deposit.

Protect Your Important Documents

Your Safe Deposit Box should contain any documents that would be difficult or impossible to replace such as:

  • Original birth certificates

  • Insurance policies

  • Service records

  • Unused travelers checks

  • Automobile titles

  • Trust documents

  • And more!

A Box for Any Budget

The cost of a Safe Deposit Box is a small price to pay for the peace of mind of knowing that your family documents are secure and accessible to you.

Box rentals range from a small 2" x 5" size at $20.00 per year up to extra large boxes at $185.00 per year. Please contact any of our locations for availability.