Personal Banking Insights

Find the resources you need to reach your financial goals with our Personal Banking Insights. These articles were selected to help you make sound financial decisions and learn more about saving, budgeting, managing your family’s finances and more.

Savvy Saving

Make a plan to save with these money-saving solutions!

Saving money is an important part of your financial well-being. These articles provide simple tips to help you save. Click the links provided below to learn more about each topic:

Budgeting Basics

Better budgeting is easy with these quick tips.

How much money is coming in, and how much is going out? Where is it going? Is it being spent wisely? Budgeting can bring up many questions. These articles can help you answer them and make a plan for your budget.

Click the links provided below to learn more about each topic:

Life Events

Prepare for career, retirement and more with advice along the way!

No matter where you're at in your financial life, these articles can help you make sense of the numbers and manage your finances. Click the links provided below to learn more about each topic:

  • Talking to Children About Money: These simple ideas can foster two-way conversations between parents and children, as well as a basic understanding about the value of money.
  • Halloween Safety Tips: Happy Halloween! Here are some simple tips to ensure your child enjoys the treats of the season — and stays safe.
  • Fun Fall Ideas for Kids: With falling leaves and crisp temperatures, Fall a great time to be outside and one of the best times of the year for fun, family activities. Here are some of our favorite ways for the entire family to have fun this month.
  • Kids Leaving the Nest? It may seem early, but as young adults leave school and enter the workforce or post-secondary education, NOW is the perfect time to talk to them about planning for their retirement and potential financial emergencies. Here are a few discussion points to help you get started.
  • Saving for College: Find out how much waiting to save could cost you when it comes to financing a college education.
  • Finding a Career You Love: Most of us will spend 1/3 of our lives at work. These tips can help you make the most of that time.
  • Dealing with Job Loss: The Federal Trade Commission provides these simple tips to help you get back on your feet professionally and financially.
  • How Much Can You Expect to Receive From Social Security During Retirement? This article will walk you through the factors involved in predicting your Social Security income.

Tech Tips

Online and mobile banking advice to help you get the most from your personal bank accounts.

Technology continues to provide us with new ways to make managing your finances easier, more convenient, and if used incorrectly, riskier for the security of your accounts. These articles provide best practices to ensure that your accounts remain safe and secure.

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