Online Statements

When you opt for Online Statements, there is no need to worry about account information left in your mailbox or organizing and storing paper copies. Up to 18 months of statements are stored securely for you inside of Online Banking and are easily available when you need to look up your account history or get a copy of a check.

Paperless Security and Convenience with Online Statements

There are many reasons to make the switch to Online Statements. By going paperless, you will:

Protect Yourself

Bank statements left in an unattended mailbox are an invitation to Identity Theft. Why take the risk when you can access your statements securely through Online Banking?

Access Account History Faster

By enrolling in Online Statements, you will eliminate the need to wait for your monthly statement to be delivered by mail. Simply log in to your Online Banking account and your statement will be available the next business day after your statement date.

Save Resources

The statement provided online is the same statement you receive now by mail. By accepting Online Statements you now have the option to view your statement and store it securely, or print a copy of only what you need.

Get Started with Online Statements

You can enroll in Online Statements by logging in to your Online Banking account. Or, download these directions to enroll Online Statements without Online Banking.

For help getting started with Online Statements, please click here.