ID Theft and Fraud Protection

Check and debit card fraud, mail and mobile phone scams, identity theft, phishing, smishing… It seems like criminals are always coming up with new ways to scam their victims.

A Small Price for Great Peace of Mind

At Timberland Bank, we are committed to the safety and security of your personal and account information. We never like to hear customer stories about lost wallets and stolen credit cards and how disabling the loss can be.

This is why we teamed up with Deluxe Provent to offer ID Theft and Fraud Protection services. For a small monthly fee, these products can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your personal and account information is safe and secure.

Identity Restoration

ID Restoration is only $1.95 per month and provides you with a Certified Restoration Specialist assigned to manage each fraud or identity theft case. Account holders can also eliminate paper trails and reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft with online storage of essential personal information. You will rest easy knowing that your information is being managed and protected with 24/7 secure access.

Identity Restoration Plus

ID Restoration Plus is only $5.95 per month and includes all of the above benefits of ID Restoration with ongoing Internet monitoring of certain online records. We will provide alerts the second something seems amiss. You will also benefit from daily credit monitoring with timely notifications.

ID Theft Protect and Fraud Protection are available with a phone call to 1-800-562-8761 or visit your branch for more information.