Home Loans

Homeownership is still one of the biggest and most important investments of a lifetime for most people. At Timberland Bank, we look forward to helping you navigate this process and guiding you every step of the way, from origination to close.Home Loan Programs

Local People, Local Decisions

Timberland Bank's local lenders have happily served our communities for over 100 years. Along the way, we have financed first homes, remodeling projects, vacation stays and more.

We are proud to promise that when you bank with Timberland, you will find flexible loan solutions provided by friendly and familiar faces...All right here locally.

Purchase Financing

Our lenders know that when it comes to mortgage loans, one size does not fit all. This is why we offer flexible purchasing financing to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

Through our partnership with LeaderOne, we also offer flexible solutions for government loans including FHA, USDA and VA loans guaranteed by Rural Housing. You'll find that there are no cookie-cutter loans here at Timberland Bank!

Home Equity Loans

With a Timberland Bank Home Equity Loan you can borrow a set amount and pay the funds back over time, much like an installment plan.

Construction Loans

Our Construction Loan programs are widely regarded as the best-of-kind in the industry. Timberland also welcomes those who wish to manage their own construction project through our Owner-Builder program.