Small Business Summit

Join us for the 4th annual South Sound Small Business Summit, an educational event that supports, inspires and connects the community!

South Sound Small Business Summit - Friday, May 3

What is the event?

Created in 2016, The South Sound Small Business Summit’s purpose is to support the South Puget Sound’s (South King, Pierce and Thurston County) businesses through an educational event that inspires and connects the community.

Why was the event created?

The local business community needs a place to learn from other business owner’s success and failures, marketing techniques and other ways to grow and expand your business. We do this to give back, not to make a profit, so that everyone can succeed in business.

Who should attend?

Business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs looking to make the most of their business, employees and profitability. Businesses with large or small revenue should attend; the topics help all businesses regardless of size.

This event participates during the national celebration of the contribution of small businesses and entrepreneurs, National Small Business Week. The South Puget Sound region takes great pride in being the home to over 52,008 small and new startup businesses.

2019 Topics

Each year, the topics discussed at the Summit are chose by the previous year's attendees.

Keynote: How to Influence the Conversation

By Margo Myers, Margo Myers Communications

What kind of impression do you make on others? What do you want to be known for? In this eye-opening workshop or keynote, audience members will:

  • Learn how to pro-actively communicate their strengths and values with every move they make.
  • Discover how to harness the power of a personal brand and how to let others know what they do best.
  • Get inspired to build ‘brand equity’ to propel their path up the career ladder, starting today.

Failure as a Necessary Means to Success

By Travis Daigle, Character Development Coach

Work is a very logical process. There’s a task that needs completion and someone gives time and energy to complete that task. The question is: Are they passionate about what they do?

Many people say that chasing your passion is foolish. Our brains are hard-wired to pursue pleasure, avoid pain, and conserve energy. However, chasing your passion is often painful and requires massive amounts of time/energy for what can seem to be little pay off. Our biology is diametrically opposed to the difficulty of this process and our culture sees failure as something to be avoided like the plague. To even know what we are passionate about can involve a series of painful failures… let alone trying to monetize that passion. The irony of life is that it is these low moments that reveal our greatest strengths, if we choose humility and reflection… If we understand failure as a necessary means to success.

Building a Healthy Team Culture through Heroic Hospitality

By Bryan Reynolds, Owner Anthem Coffee and Wine Bar

Building a healthy team culture within your business or organization doesn’t happen by accident. It happens daily, and it’s driven by clear mission, and intentional investments in the people around you. In Bryan’s talk, he’ll walk you through the process he has undergone in building a healthy team culture within ANTHEM Coffee. He’ll unpack the early years and leadership failures he’s experienced, and guide you towards practical changes, that you can make in your business or organization today, that will promote and inspire a healthy team culture of your own.


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