Business Debit Card

Sample Timberland Debit MasterCard for BusinessUsing your personal Debit MasterCard for everyday purchases makes tracking expenses and managing your budget from your checking account easy to do. Business owners can experience the same convenience with a Timberland Business Debit MasterCard. Think of how convenient it is to keep all purchases related to your business itemized and recorded in one account.

Your Timberland Business Debit Card also helps you speed through a transaction. Simply insert the card into the chip reader and the amount of your purchase will be deducted from your business checking account. Timberland Business Debit Cards also utilizes the same important chip technology as your personal card to help fight fraud.

Business Debit MasterCard Features and Benefits

Your Timberland Business Debit Card works just like a check and can also be used at ATMs for quick access to your cash.  Timberland Business Debit Cards are:

  • More efficient. Simply present your Timberland Business Debit Card at the point of sale and the purchase amount will be automatically deduced from your business checking account.

  • Secure. Your Timberland Business Debit Card is protected with a secure Personal Identification Number (PIN), sent to you separately from the card. For your convenience, you can change your PIN to one of your choosing by inserting your Timberland Business Debit Card into the ATM at your branch.

  • Accepted worldwide. A Timberland Business Debit Card is welcome anywhere MasterCard is accepted... That's over 18 million locations around the world!

Ask About Your Business Debit Card Today!

To enjoy the convenience of a Timberland Business Debit Card, simply stop in your branch today. Our customer service representatives will order a card for you and provide complete details. Once you receive the card by mail, it can be activated by calling the toll-free number noted on the sticker on the face of the card and you’ll be on your way to better bookkeeping.