Welcome, South Sound Bank!

On behalf of our entire staff we would like to warmly welcome you to Timberland Bank. In the fall of 2018, South Sound Bank and Timberland Bank agreed to merge and begin operating together using the name, Timberland Bank. Soon, we will begin replacing the signs on the West Olympia and Lacey offices of South Sound Bank with Timberland Bank signage.  On July 12, South Sound’s computer system will be transitioned to Timberland’s operating system.  In the near future you will receive additional information about this upcoming transition.

To help guide you through the transition, the Timberland Bank Call Center will have extended hours for two weeks following the conversion to Timberland Bank on July 12. For assistance with the transition, please call 800-562-8761 between 7:00AM-11:00PM (Monday through Friday) and 9:00AM-5:00PM (Saturday and Sunday).

What to Expect with your Accounts

Accounts and Account Numbers

  • Your South Sound Bank accounts will automatically become Timberland Bank Accounts on Monday, July 15, 2019. No action on your part is necessary at this time. You do not need to open a new account at Timberland Bank.
  • We anticipate that South Sound Bank customers will retain their current account numbers.
  • There is no immediate need to notify entities that process automatic deposits or withdrawals from your South Sound Bank account (i.e. Social Security, recurring bills, etc.).

Account Statements

  • We recommend that all customers enrolled in Online Statements with South Sound Bank download and print one-year’s worth of statements for your records, as your full transaction history may not be available immediately after the transition to Timberland Bank. We would be happy to print this for you at your branch.


  • You may continue using your South Sound Bank check supply. When you reorder, you will receive new checks with Timberland Bank’s name and routing number (325170754).

Important Information about Online Banking

Please take a moment to review the information below, which outlines important information and cutoff dates for Online Banking services.

Online Banking

  • Your Online Banking information from South Sound Bank will automatically transfer to Timberland’s Online Banking system.
  • Timberland’s Online Banking will be available to you on Monday, July 15. The first time you log in to Timberland’s Online Banking system, your temporary password will be the last 6 digits of your Social Security Number. In most cases, your username will be the same that it was with South Sound Bank. We will contact you personally if any updates are needed to your Online Banking username.

Online Transfers, Automatic Payments & eBills

  • After the transition to Timberland Bank is complete on Monday, July 15, you may need to re-enroll in automatic and external transfers.
  • Please note that your eBills will not transfer from South Sound Bank to Timberland Bank. Please log in to Online Banking before Monday, July 8 and unlink your scheduled eBills. After July 15, you may re-enroll in eBills through Timberland Bank’s Online Banking and Bill Pay.

Online Bill Pay

  • Please schedule new online payments before Monday, July 8 or after Monday, July 15. Bills scheduled prior to Monday, July 8 will be processed as scheduled.
  • Your online payment history may not transfer from your South Sound Bank account to your Timberland Bank account. Please be sure to print your full transaction history for your records before Monday, July 8.
  • After the transition to Timberland Bank is complete on Monday, July 15 please log in and verify that your payee names, addresses and account numbers are correct. This will help avoid disruptions to your scheduled payments.

Mobile Banking

  • South Sound Bank’s Mobile Banking App will go offline on the evening of Friday, July 12. When the transition to Timberland Bank is complete on Monday, July 15, please download Timberland’s Mobile Banking App in the Google Play and Apple App stores.

Online and Mobile Banking for Business

  • All South Sound Business Banking clients who are not currently enrolled in Treasury Management will receive access to Timberland’s Online Banking platform on Monday, July 15. Please visit www.timberlandbank.com to log in to Online Banking.
  • South Sound Bank Treasury Management clients will receive access to Timberland’s Treasury Management platform prior to the transition to Timberland Bank. Please watch your mail and email in the coming weeks for more information about Treasury Management and to schedule an in-person training on the platform.
  • Treasury Management customers will enjoy a separate, more robust mobile app. The Timberland Bank Cash Management team will contact you personally to provide more information and training on the Treasury Management online dashboard and mobile app.